Some Privileged Kids Become Batman Or Iron Man. Others…

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One of the office guys is pretty full of himself. His parents are friends of the top director so he landed himself a do-nothing job. He often gets odd tasks from the director — deliver this, fetch this, take photos of this, etc. — and genuinely believes he is in some sort of special, critical role, “essential for the business.”

The director, however, is not the only one to call the shots. His wasteful ways and favours catch up to him and the owner eventually steps in and sacks him. This leaves Mr. Full-Of-Himself office guy in a difficult position. The owner appoints a new director who is not shy about calling him out.

Director: “So, what do you do?”

Office Guy: “I work on [Project #1], [Project #2], and [Project #3].”

Director: “Yes, but doing what?”

Office Guy: “I designed the website and I managed the customer relations; without me, [Project #1] wouldn’t have gone through.”

Director: “But we employ a company to do our websites and have customer managers to deal with the projects. No, from next week, help the admin team.”

Office Guy: “I’m not doing — ugh — ‘admin.’”

Director: “I don’t see you adding any other value right now.”

[Office Guy] did start work with the admin team, but from what I heard, he refused to do most of the work and spent most of the day drinking coffee. The director had many chats with him, until, one day, [Office Guy] handed in his notice — we think he was pushed — and landed another do-nothing job, this time working with his parents. Online, he is listed as a “director,” which made me laugh as he told us he was answering phones and calling customers.

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