Some Pretty Odd Findings

| Learning | May 22, 2016

(We have a project to be completed at the end of the second semester. Throughout the first half of the first semester (weeks 1-7) the teacher asked us to group ourselves and hand in a paper with our group members and told us what we were supposed to do. For the second half of the first semester (weeks 8-14) the teacher periodically reminded us but nothing else. The first class of the second semester the teacher has us sit with our groups while checking our progress.)

Teacher: *to student sitting alone* “Your group?”

Student: “Which is my group?”

Teacher: “You don’t know which group you are in?”

Student: “Someone asked me to join their group the first class but hasn’t found me since.”

Teacher: “And who is that?”

Student: “I don’t know. It was a girl with long hair.” *this describes 30+ students, including herself*

Teacher: “Okay, here are the groups. Look for your name.”

Student: “I don’t see my name.”

Teacher: *to class* “Which group is she in?”

(No response.)

Teacher: “Then you’ll have to join a new group.”

(She joined the group I am in and told me the above and added:)

Student: “I was sure she’d show up at my desk today.”

Me: “You never got her name or contact?”

Student: “She said she’d be in touch!”

Me: “And for the entire first semester she didn’t?”

Student: “No…”

Me: “Why didn’t you say something?”

Student: “I thought she’d find me.”

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