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Some People Will Never Accept Change

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: zyronbenedict13 | July 22, 2021

My shop has an unexpected customer surge, and our paper bills for change run out. Then, a customer comes in and pays with a 1000-peso bill for a 600-peso item.

Me: “Do you have a smaller bill?”

Customer: *Sneering* “The customer shouldn’t have to fix the cashier’s problems.”

Me: “If you have a 100-peso bill, I can give you a 500-peso bill.”

He gets furious and screams at me.

Customer: “I want to speak to a manager!”

Me: *With a smile* “I’m the manager.”

Customer: “No! I refuse to believe that. You’re too young to be a manager!”

I’m twenty-four, but I look much younger than my actual age because of, well, my Asian genes. Even after my employees confirm I’m the manager, he’s still really doubtful.

Customer: “Human resources probably made a huge mistake when they hired you.”

I’m really offended at his remark, but I maintained my calm demeanor while silently planning for my petty revenge.

I reached under the register and grabbed a bag that contained packs of coins, with each pack containing 100 1-peso coins. I grabbed four packs and gave them to him. He was so horrified because that s*** is heavy. He began verbally assaulting me until the customers behind him got furious and asked him to leave already.

He was still throwing a fit while the customer after him and I laughed at his meltdown.

Working as a store manager is not the best job ever, but petty revenge such as this gives me some short-term entertainment.

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