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Some People Shouldn’t Be Public-Facing

, , , , | Working | December 2, 2021

Years ago, we were holidaying in America and stopped in one of those roadside diners. We would tip back home in the UK (for particularly good service), but we know the expectation is much higher here so we bear that in mind during our trip.

Unfortunately, our waitress was just rude, lazy, and obnoxious. She rolled her eyes as we asked to not have onions on our burgers, scoffed at our pronunciation (of an English word), lied about being “out” of the side we ordered, and then refused to ask the kitchen to make it.

It felt like we were a burden rather than a guest. When the bill came round, we noticed that the gratuity was already added.

Me: “Sorry, but there is no way I’m paying a single penny tipping you.”

Waitress: “Well, I’m not removing it!”

Me: “Just get the manager.”

She put her hands on her hips.

Waitress: “He’s not here today.”

Me: “Fine. Call the police.”

Waitress: “You foreigners come here… I knew from the minute you walked in that you wouldn’t be worth my time. You never tip, you always leave a mess… Fine! I’ll take the tip off, seeing as you clearly couldn’t possibly afford a few dollars.”

Me: “You want a tip? Try not being terrible at your job.”

We paid and left. Afterward, we checked the reviews. Unsurprisingly, lots of other people said the same thing happened to them, all of them tourists.

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