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Some People See Scams Everywhere

, , , | Working | November 17, 2022

I visited a new cafe. While waiting, I noticed that their small coffees came in cups with tiny handles, while the other sizes were served in mugs. Their coffee machine was fully automatic, dispensing the exact amount of coffee for the size selected.

Me: “Can I have a small coffee, but in one of the mugs, please?”

Server: “Those are for medium coffees. Did you want one of those?”

Me: “No, I only want a small coffee; I just find those cups hard to hold.”

Server: “Sorry, but if you want a medium, you have to pay for a medium.”

Me: “I don’t want a medium. I want a small, but in a medium mug.”

Server: *Huffing* “Fine.”

He made the coffee and handed me the part-full mug, looking smug.

Server: *Sarcastically* “Here is your small coffee. Do you want milk?”

Me: “No, thank you, could I get a splash of cold water instead, please?”

Server: *Giving me a dead stare* “You want me to top it up with water.”

Me: “No, I just want a bit of cold water so it’s not boiling hot.”

He took the mug and came back with it literally filled to the very top. I touched my finger to it, and it was barely warm.

Me: “Why did you fill it up?”

Server: *Smirking* “You want a medium coffee, you pay for a medium coffee. You want to only pay for a small coffee, you’re gonna get cold, weak coffee. So, that’s £2.85 for your small coffee.”

Me: “No, that’s not £2.85; that’s me having a word with your manager.”

I got my new small coffee, in a large cup, with a dash of cold water. The server got a chewing out from the manager. And I got a full stamp card for a free drink on my next visit.

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