Some People Really Have Nothing Better To Do

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About five years ago, I am visiting a well-known book and stationery store in my local mall. I used to work here, so I am familiar with how their system works.

I am waiting in line to pay for a card and gift wrap. A customer in her forties is in front of me, arguing with the boy at the register — in his late teens or early twenties — because she wants to know if they have a book in stock. The book is in stock but only available when ordered from the online store, as it is old and no longer being sold in-store. So, this lady will need to purchase it herself, online.

When ordering from this company’s online store, it will be shipped to the address of your choice via courier. Of course, this comes with additional shipping costs. This woman, however, seems to think this means he can order the book in and she can pick it up the next day. That is not the case, as the stores, while operating under the same company name, are completely different.

Thus, the argument begins.

Customer: “Well, can’t you just order it in?”

Sales Assistant: “Sorry, our system doesn’t allow us to do that.”

Customer: “Yes, it does. I’ve done it before.”

Sales Assistant: “Sorry, since the company is under new ownership, all stores are separate now, including the online store.”

Customer: “It’s the same company; you’re just being lazy.”

Sales Assistant: “Sorry, you will need to order it yourself online.”

They go back and forth a couple of times before I spoke up.

Me: “He’s right; that’s not how the system works.”

The customer turns and glares at me.

Customer: “Do you work here?”

Me: “No, but I did work here a year ago. That’s how I know how the system works.”

Customer: “But you work in the mall.”

She then proceeds to look over my clothes for a name tag or uniform logo.

Me: “Nope. Nice try, though.”

I unzip my jacket so she can get a better look at my civies.

Customer: “Well, where do you work?”

Me: “That’s literally none of your business.”

Customer: “Yes, it is my business; your employer should know how you behave in public.”

Me: “Actually, that’s not how the world works, lady.”

I can see the rage building inside her as she realizes she has no power over me. I, too, notice that I am in a unique position where I can call this lady out for basically being a butthole and there’s nothing she can do about it… or so I think.

Customer: *Looking smug* “Well, you probably don’t even have a job.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m not falling for that.”

She is obviously trying to bait me into telling her.

Me: “You can think what you want, lady, but at the end of the day, I’m not the pathetic person whose only sense of control in the world is threatening a person’s livelihood to get what they want. You know you’re a s***ty person, right?”

The woman storms off, absolutely fuming.

I then pay for my card and gift wrap while having a laugh with the sales assistant at the register about what just happened.

Now, you would think this is the end of my encounter with this customer, but oh, no. She still thought I worked in the mall. As I left the store, I stopped and got a coffee from the small kiosk cafe just outside. I noticed [Customer] watching me. And I s*** you not, this psycho continued to follow me into every single store I entered and ask the person behind the register if I worked there. At this point, I felt that I couldn’t go back to my car, because she would see my license plate numbers and be able to look up my information, and then Facebook-stalk me or something. I ended up calling a taxi and going to see my dad who lived about ten minutes up the road, and I got him to take me back to my car an hour later.

If that customer hadn’t turned feral the moment that I spoke to her, there was a way the store could have ordered the book for her. They aren’t supposed to do this, but when I worked there, I would often do it for nice older people who weren’t comfortable with online shopping. Keyword: NICE. Her loss.

Source: Reddit (Credit: MsD4nnyHuntress, Original Story)

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