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Some People Never Grow Up

| Related | June 18, 2014

(My sister and I are both in our early 20s and both under five feet tall.)

Me: “Hey, [Sister]. Come over here, please.”

Sister: “What?”

(I point to top shelf of our linen closet. It’s so far over our heads we can’t even touch it if we jump. I don’t want to drag a chair out into the narrow hallway.)

Me: “I need that towel on the top right. I’m going to lift you up.”

Sister: “Okay.”

(I grab my sister around the legs and hoist her up. She hands me the towel as I set her down.)

Sister: “You’d think we’d have outgrown this by now.”

Me: “Some things you never outgrow.”

Sister: “Yeah. Literally.”

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