Some People Must WANT To Be Robbed

, , | Right | January 10, 2021

I am at the bank to deposit money. While in line, I make small talk with an older woman in front of me; she seems really nice. When it’s her turn to go to the teller, I overhear their conversation.

Teller #1: “Hello, how are you today?”

Customer: “Hi, I would like to withdraw some money from my account. “

Teller #1: “Certainly! Can I please see your ID?”

This is common procedure; the bank wants to make sure it’s you accessing your own account, especially when withdrawing money. The older woman scoffs and seems offended by this.

Customer: “I come in here all the time. I don’t need to show my ID. You must be new here!”

She is very rude to this teller, talking about how the teller is counting money incorrectly, and even goes as far as to complain about how long it’s taking even though she is demanding the teller count out the money in front of her to ensure the teller doesn’t mess up.

I can be a bit of a smart-a** sometimes, so when another teller comes available, I go up with my ID in hand and say fairly loudly:

Me: “Hello! I am here to deposit money into my account. Here is my ID so you can verify who I am.”

The teller working with me replies just as loudly, saying:

Teller #2: “Thank you, sir, for following policy. It makes our jobs a lot easier when dealing with your money.”

I looked over and the other customer gave me a sideways look before scoffing and walking out.  

I’ve never understood why people don’t want their ID checked when withdrawing money from their account.

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