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Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Part 3

, , , , , | Right | February 23, 2021

My partner and I are shopping in the January sales in the city centre, so the shops are very busy. We join the queue to pay for our items. It’s a little long but moving quickly. We hear yelling from one of the cash desks. It’s so loud that half of the busy shop is turning round. We don’t catch the beginning of the conversation, but it seems the cashier has asked a customer something like, “Do you want a bag?” a second time, after not hearing the answer the first time. 

Angry Customer: “How dare you?! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting? This is why the queue is so long; you can’t do your d***ed jobs!”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, I—”

Angry Customer: “Don’t be sorry! Just do your job! Stop repeating things. Scan these.”

Cashier: “Of course.”

She picks up a shoebox to scan it.

Angry Customer: “Seriously, don’t they train you here? What are you doing? I want these and these!”

He literally points to the box the cashier is scanning.

Angry Customer: “Scan them. Put them in a bag. Charge me. It’s not f****** difficult. Do your job. You’re the reason I have to wait so long here.”

By this point, the entire queue is looking at him and wondering what got up his a*** this morning. The cashier says nothing and tries to pick up the other item to scan it.

Angry Customer: “Okay. I want a manager. Now!”

Luckily, a manager has heard the yelling and appears at this point. He says something too quiet to hear to the cashier and takes over the till. The angry customer starts ranting, still within earshot of the first cashier.

Angry Customer: “Seriously, I’m not being funny, but you should be careful about who you put up here. Can’t do his f****** job. This is why the queue is so long.”

The cashier started walking away, looking upset and angry. The manager completed the angry guy’s transaction, full of fake smiles and false sympathy.

Much to my partner’s relief, the angry guy had paid and left — bragging about how “that’s how you get them to listen to you” to a woman nearby — by the time we were near that register and I didn’t get to tell him off.

The cashier got a lot of sympathy from the rest of the queue as they walked back over once the guy left. The mystery of what got up that customer’s butt was never solved.

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Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

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