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Some People Just Wake Up On The Wrong Side Of Life

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I work in a dealership. One of the service advisors brings a customer up to me, the cashier. The customer is an old woman. He talks to her a little bit about what they did and the recommended service for next time. I wait for them to finish up before I talk. The service advisor hands me the paperwork and keys and goes back to his desk. The customer tries to reach through the gap in the plastic separating us to get her keys, but I move them out of her reach. It’s policy to not let the customer have their keys until after they have paid.

Me: “Hello. It’s [total]; just go ahead and stick your card in there.”

The customer huffs but sticks her card in. The machine spits out the credit card slip for her to sign. I also mark where on the paperwork she needs to sign.

Me: “Okay, I need a signature here and here.”

Customer: *Suddenly snaps* “You have an attitude; you need to back off.”

Me: “Uh—”

Customer: “Ever since I got here you’ve had an attitude. And you need to change this. That’s not me. Change the name.”

Families tend to share cars, so we usually only keep the main driver’s name on file, but we have no problem if a spouse or child brings the car in for service.

Me: “I can’t change it, but I can ask [Service Advisor] to change it once we’re done.”

The customer storms over to her service advisor and drags him back up to the cashier desk. She refuses to sign the paperwork until he changes it to her name. This takes a few minutes. She’s super huffy the whole time and glaring at me. I think I hear her mumble something about young people being useless, but I’m not sure since I took a step back to take some deep breaths. I turn to the computer to finish up the task I was doing before she got there.

Eventually, the service advisor returns with the changed paperwork. She huffs some more as she signs it. There are two copies of the paperwork: a blue copy for the customer and a white copy for us. The only difference is the color of the paper. I take the white copy and hand her the blue copy and her keys.

Customer: “I need a copy of that.”

Me: “Yes, it’s right here.”

Customer: “No, I need a copy of that that I signed.”

Service Advisor: “This is your copy here; it’s the exact same thing. It explains everything that was done to the vehicle.”

Customer: “No! I need a copy of that! That’s different, what I signed. I need a copy of what I signed!”

I grab the white copy and throw it into the copier. While my back is to her, I take some more deep breaths because I know she is trying to goad me into a reaction. She watches me do this. I hand her the copy of the white copy.

Customer: “This isn’t the copy.”

Me: “Yes, it is. That’s where you signed right there.”

Customer: “No, it’s not. Show me the original.”

I grab the original and show her that, yes, it is a copy of the white copy.

Customer: “Hmph. I guess it’s okay. Where are my keys?”

They’re literally right in front of her. I move them closer to her.

Me: “Right here. Have a good day.”

I step back and return to the computer and the service advisor returns to his desk. With no one else around to yell at, the customer huffs and leaves. As soon as she’s gone, the service advisor comes back up to me.

Service Advisor: “Man, I hope when I’m that old I’m not cranky like that.”

Me: “Same.”

The only thing I can think of that set her off was that it was early in the morning and I’m not perky at that hour, which she interpreted as an attitude. Or she was just looking to pick a fight.

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