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Some People Just Look For Arguments

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Some friends and I go to go see a movie at the local theater. It is a newly released movie, so the show is sold out; we got tickets ahead of time. When we get into the theater, we find people sitting in our seats.

Me: “Oh, hey, I’m sorry, but those are our seats, and since the show is sold out, I can’t really move to another seat.”

The couple looks confused.

Man: “Um, no, these are our seats.”

He presents his tickets, and lo and behold, they have the same seats as we do. We all go outside and speak to the help desk. As it turns out, they accidentally purchased the same seats but for a different time. They apologize, and we return to the theater. 

However, the lady sitting directly in front of us seems to think we are seat thieves.

Lady: “You teenagers should have shown respect to that couple. You come in here and steal the seats of people already sitting!”

She glares at us, but as the movie is starting, she settles down.

About fifteen minutes into the movie, I lean over to my friend to ask if I could have some of her candy. The lady spins around in her seat and hisses at us.

Lady: “If you and your little friend are going to insist on talking through this whole movie, you’d better rethink that now.”

We were confused and simply nodded, not wanting any further trouble. When the movie was over, we saw the lady in the lobby complaining to the help desk and insisting she needed a refund because we had ruined the experience.

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