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Some People Have Never Been Told “No” And It Shows, Part 2

, , , , | Right | May 12, 2021

My store has a clearance table where we place items that will soon expire or items we are taking out of inventory. Most are priced at 50-75% off for quick sale. There is a sign at the table stating, “CLEARANCE ITEMS ARE INDIVIDUALLY PRICED,” meaning each item has its own price sticker with the word “CLEARANCE” at the top.

I am running the register one day when a woman comes up with an expensive item. I scan the item and the lady huffs and rolls her eyes before fixing me with a “mom stare.”

Customer: “That’s wrong. It’s on clearance.”

Me: “Let me call for a price check.”

I reach for the phone but she sticks her hand out to stop me.

Customer: “Can’t you just fix it? It’s on clearance” *Points at the table*

Me: “I don’t see a clearance sticker. Someone probably put it there instead of returning it to the shelf.”

Customer: “So just make it 75% off like the sign says.”

Me: “I can’t do that, ma’am, but I can call for a price check and get this squared away.”

I reach for the phone again and dodge her hand as she tries to block me from calling. A manager — a no-nonsense woman with decades of retail management under her belt — comes over to check the item.

Manager: “Oh, I see. Yeah, I’m sorry about this. Sometimes when people don’t want items anymore, they just put them wherever. This isn’t on clearance.”

Customer: “You’re the manager?”

Manager: “Yes, I am.”

Customer: “Then give me 75% off.”

Manager: *Shakes her head* “I can’t do that. There’s no defect, and it’s not discontinued or expiring.”

Customer: *Enunciating each word* “It. Was. On. Clearance.”

Manager: *Enunciating back* “It. Was. Not.”

Customer: “YES!”

Manager: “I’m not going to go through this with you again. You can have it at full price or I can put it back. The choice is yours.”

Customer: “Just give me the f****** discount!”

My manager shrugs and walks away with the item. The woman looks at me, mouth open, as if she expects me to do something about it.

Customer: “She took it!”

Me: *Trying not to smile* “Will there be anything else today?”

Customer: “F*** you!” *Stomps out*

Some People Have Never Been Told “No” And It Shows

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