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Some People Choose Their Hills To Die (Or Get Arrested) On

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To get into work, I have to drive through manned checkpoints, have my car registered, and show my personal ID card. It’s a high-security area, made pretty clear by the many many signs and razor wire. It isn’t near any other company and could not be mistaken for anything else.

On a normal day, I would drive right up to the gate. But today, there is a beaten-up old car taking a long time at the gate.

I wait and wait. I wind down the window and can hear an old woman shouting at the security guard. I can’t make out what is being said but the guard sounds exasperated and seems to be telling her to go away.

Eventually, the guard comes up to me.

Guard: “Sorry, sir, bit of a delay. You can park in the visitor site and I will let you in via the turnstile.”

Me: “Oh, okay, thanks. Nothing to worry about?”

Guard: “Just a stubborn old lady who isn’t used to being told ‘no.'”

I parked in the visitor bay and walked through. Apparently, only a few minutes later, armed police arrived and had to forcefully remove the woman from the car and cuff her. Sniffer dogs had to be used in case of a bomb threat and the whole entrance was out of use for hours!

The reason? The old woman refused to reverse her car to turn around and insisted they open the gates — to the secure facility! — so she could turn around in forward gear. They had no other choice but to call the police when she threatened to ram the gates.

Lesson learned: don’t try and force your way into a secure facility just because you don’t like to drive the car in reverse!

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