Some People Are Wheely Stupid

, , , , , | Learning | October 17, 2020

I was diagnosed with a progressive condition as a college senior. For a while there, it got worse at a pretty extreme rate and after a couple of months, I was using my first mobility device. Suddenly showing up to school in a wheelchair got some questions, most of them repetitive and one or two truly unique.

After my last class on my first day using a wheelchair, I am out in the hall getting ready to go home.

A freshman I hardly recognize pops out of the lab a few doors down, turns, and stares at me, as if she’s sighted a rare creature. She hesitatingly approaches, stopping short lest she spook me. Her expression is a constant stare of curiosity and astonishment as she takes a moment to gather her nerve.

Freshman: “Do you have a twin?”

Me: “No.”

Freshman: “Really? Are you sure you’re not a twin? You’ve got to be!”

Me: “I’m sure.”

Freshman: “I swear I’ve seen someone around here that looks just like you! I’m sure I have. You have to be twins. If you’re not twins, that’s amazing!”

The freshman starts looking around, as if she’s considering finding this identical person.

Me: “Have you ever considered that, maybe, the person you’ve seen that looks just like me is me?”

Freshman: “No! She couldn’t be!”

Me: “Why not?”

Freshman: “You can’t be her. She’s not in a wheelchair!”

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