Some Mothers-In-Law Are Just Suffocating

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My mother-in-law is overly creative. What I mean is that she likes to make things from her own designs for common, everyday objects, and the designs of the objects don’t make any sense. She gets VERY offended if you tell her that her designs are bad! She has decided to make masks for the family due to the recent outbreak and the following happens when I try out one of her masks.

I put on the mask and it fits really weird and I can’t breathe because the mask is so thick.

Me: “[Mother-In-Law], I can’t breathe through this mask. What the heck did you do to it?”

Mother-In-Law: “I put three layers of quilt batting in it to act as a filter and I changed the shape of the mask so it covers more of your face.”

Me: “Why the heck would you do that? This mask is useless if I can’t breathe! You do know that [My Father] got [Husband] and me a bunch of disposable masks and a few that his girlfriend made that are made out of a lightweight knit fabric?”

Mother-In-Law: “But my design is better because I added the filter!”

Me: “But I can’t breathe with the filter that you made! Why would I use a mask that I can’t breathe through?”

Mother-In-Law: “But you will hurt my feelings if you don’t wear my mask!”

Me: “So? I can’t wear a mask that I can’t breathe through!”

My father-in-law ended up jumping in and told my mother-in-law that the masks were horrible because her design sucked. He told her not to make any more masks from that design and she got REALLY offended and started to yell at him. They ended up in a knock-down, drag-out argument where she accused him of “stifling her creativity.” He got madder and told my husband and me to leave so he could “deal with the problem.”

I talked to her sister later in the day and her sister told me that my mother-in-law had ALWAYS had a problem with thinking that her ideas were superior to tried and tested methods and designs. I don’t know why she thought that making a mask that you couldn’t breathe through was a good idea!

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