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Some Jokes Are All Class

| Learning | October 29, 2014

(It is the first day of my college class on classroom management. The class was supposed to start at 10:30. It’s now 10:40. Our school has a policy that if the instructor doesn’t show up after fifteen minutes, the students can go home, so everyone is starting to get antsy. A student in the back is particularly concerned, and has started asking other students what to do if the teacher is a no show. He approaches our group.)

Concerned Guy: “Has this ever happened to you guys before? What are we suppose to do?”

Classmate #1: “I know that after fifteen minutes, we’re allowed to leave if the teacher doesn’t come to class.”

Concerned Guy: “But won’t we get in trouble if he comes later?”

Classmate #1: “No, I don’t think so. Teachers know the policy.”

Concerned Guy: “Should we write him a note or something? I don’t want him to be mad if he comes to class.”

Classmate #1: “I mean, I guess, if you want to.”

(The concerned guy goes to the front of the class and starts writing on the whiteboard; he turns around.)

Concerned Guy: “What should I write?”

Classmate #3: “I don’t know, write something like: ‘Hey, can you send out an email of what we missed from the first class? We left after twenty minutes. Thank you.'”

(The concerned guy turns around again and writes: ‘Welcome to class!’ He turns back around.)

Concerned Guy: *revealing himself to be the actual professor* “HA! I got you guys GOOD! Finally, students who are my age and will believe this!”

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