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Some Inspirational Stories From May

, | Right | June 4, 2020

Dear readers,

Last month you told us a monthly roundup of Inspirational stories was very welcome, so here it is again!

Rounded up below are twenty-four inspirational stories from the month of May.


Short-Term Sweetness Can Cause Long-Term Happiness – Well fudge, that’s awesome!

This Story Tips Both Good And Bad – Demon kids versus wait-staff!

There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch – There is such a thing as a good American tourist!

We’re Not Kitten; This Lady Is Great – This story has kittens. Just click the link already.

A Sprinkle Of The Lord – Don’t judge a sparkly book by its cover.

A Panic (Buying) Attack – When people are at their worst, others are at their best.

Yes. Yes, You Can. – Come and have this dance.

Keep The Change, Keep The Happy – This customer gave change, and WAS the change.

This Should Have You In Stitches – They have several points to make.

You Can’t Put A Limit On Some People’s Kindness – Some people don’t need a raisin or a reason.

The Right Dentist Can Make You Smile In So Many Ways – 😁😁😁

Slippers, Sneakers, And Tighty-Whities Are Next – This story is complete pants.

Puppy Love In The Time Of Corona – A rare case of a mother who DOESN’T think her child is entitled to pet other people’s dogs.

A Little Flu Jab Of Kindness – The price drops but the kindness increases.

I’m Still Jenny From The Checkout – Just go with the J-Lo flow…

Blew In Some Love From The Windy City – Don’t let one bad thing ruin a beautiful trip.

Humanity Hasn’t Completely Checked Out – Even better than cashback!

Patient Patients Make The World (And Not Illnesses) Go Around – It’s a tough situation, but they handled it wonderfully.

A Sweet Act During A Bitter Time – Memories to treasure!

Definitely A Glass-Half-Full Kind Of Customer – Fix what you broke – words for everyone to live by.

I Don’t Work Here, Works Lovely Here – A pleasant spin on an old classic!

Watch Your Mouth, Or I’ll Call Your Father! – Read until the last line…

Making Contact With The Right Employee Can Be Eye-Opening! – Putting the customer first is great when they deserve it.

Just Roll With It – A rolling attack!


We hope you liked our roundup today! Got your own inspirational story to share? Let us know!

Stay safe, everyone!

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