Some Have Education Thrust Upon Them

| WI, USA | Learning | June 27, 2014

(Biology class is doing group presentations on various systems of the human body. The student who is talking is generally considered the class troublemaker/slacker. He’s talking about joints, but clearly hasn’t done his research. He is reading what another student wrote, but he is coming up with his own examples on the spot.)

Student: “Joints can be classified by how movable they are. There are freely movable joints, like your elbow. There are fixed joints, like your skull. And there are semi-movable joints like…” *clearly guessing* “…your shoulder?”

Teacher: “No.”

Student: “Wrist?”

Teacher: “No.”

Student: “Knee?”

Teacher: “No.” *gives up, and tells him the correct answer* “Pelvis.”

Student: “Oh, right the pelvis.”

(He did an exaggerated pelvic thrust, complete with hand motions. Everyone burst out laughing, including the teacher, who just couldn’t suppress her laughter.)

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