Some Employees Just Don’t Add Up, Part 3

, | Working | January 18, 2013

(I go to the local fast food restaurant and order chicken nuggets.)

Clerk: “$7.34, please.”

Me: “What? It’s $5.80. Tax is not over a dollar.”

Clerk: “$7.34 or we cant serve you.”

Me: “Florida tax is 7%, so it would be $.42 at most. Added to $5.80, that would be approximately $6.22.”

(The manager comes over and I show him my math. He sits there puzzled for over a minute.)

Manager: “Doesn’t add up, and even if it did, there are extra taxes. Stop trying to scam us and pay the money or go home!”

Me: “Okay, sir, I tried to be reasonable. You obviously don’t know math.”

Manager: “Don’t you f***ing talk to me that way! I am a manager! I am above you!”

(As the manager says this, his boss, the general manager, shows up.)

General Manager: *to the manager* “And I’m above you. Not anymore, though. You’re fired!”

(I talked to the general manager. Not only did he notice the first employee adding extras to my order, but to most of the orders that day in hopes of stealing. He was fired too.)


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