Some Employees Just Can’t Cut It

, | Houston, TX, USA | Working | March 22, 2017

(My young son and I are picking up some lumber at a well-known home improvement store for my husband. I find the cutting station and wait for Employee #1 to finish another order. While I am waiting, Employee #2 approaches me.)

Employee #2: “Can I help you find something?”

Me: “Yes, please. I need two 40-inch pieces of 2-by-8.”

Employee #2: “2-by-8? That’s over here, let me show you.”

(I follow Employee #2 into the lumber section and watch him pull out a 2-by-4.)

Me: “Isn’t that a 2-by-4?”

Employee #2: “Yeah, it’s a 2-by-4-by-8-feet.”

Me: “No, no, sorry. I need 2-by-8.”

Employee #2: “Well, how much do you need?”

Me: “I need two 40-inch pieces.”

Employee #2: “We have 2-by-8-by-4-feet, 6-feet, and 8-feet.”

Me: “I guess I need 8 feet, then.”

(Employee #2 walks me over to the correct lumber.)

Employee #2: “Here they are!”

(Because I have my young son with me, I have no way to transport such a long piece before it’s cut.)

Me: “…”

Employee #2: “Did you need anything else?”

Me: “Yes, I need it cut into two 40-inch pieces.”

(Employee #2 grabs two 2-by-8s.)

Me: “No, I just need two 40-inch pieces, not two whole ones.”

Employee #2: “Oh, you need it cut?”

Me: “Yes, please…”

(Employee #2 and I walk to the cutting station and he cuts *one* 40-inch piece for me.)

Employee #2: “Here you go!”

Me: “I need one more of those…”

(Employee #2 cuts another 40-inch piece for me and also gives me the leftover piece. I just take it at this point.)

Employee #2: “Anything else?”

Me: “No, that’s it, thanks.”

(I’m amazed he managed to cut it the right length!)

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