Some Days, Snacks Are Everything

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My husband and I are at a dollar store to get milk and a few snacks to last us the rest of the month. As we get in line, we count up the items we have, which is one more than we budgeted for, and are discussing how to pay for them.

There is a woman ahead of us just paying as we finish up.

Woman: “I want to pay for theirs.”

Husband: “What? Really?”

Me: “It’s just snacks; you don’t have to.”

Woman: “No, I want to pay for yours. Ring them up.”

The cashier rings up our items and the woman pays for them while we say thank you. Then, the woman leaves. The cashier starts bagging up our items.

Cashier: “That was unexpected; I thought you knew her.”

Husband: “No, we’ve never met her before in our lives.”

Cashier: “Wow!”

Me: “And these aren’t even essentials or anything!”

Whoever you are, thank you!

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