Some Customers Shouldn’t Be Given The Green Light

, , , , | Right | November 12, 2018

(Right after we unlock the doors Monday morning, an older couple comes in, and I approach them to greet them and offer help.)

Woman: “I was in here Saturday, and you had this green and black, checked blouse with a yoke. I tried on the medium and it was just right, but I didn’t want to buy it before my husband saw it.”

(I take them to where the new green blouses are.)

Woman: “No, it wasn’t any of these. I could have sworn it was on this wall!”

Me: “Well, I can promise you nothing’s been moved since Saturday; I’ve worked here all weekend.”

(I take them to where some older tops with green in them are. I hold up a blouse in green with a black, all-over diamond pattern, hoping she just had a very loose definition of “checked.”)

Woman: “No, it was a green and white, and it didn’t have any buttons.”

Man: “I thought you said it was green and black?”

Woman: *looks confused* “Well, green and black and white.”

Me: “Well, nothing’s gone on sale since Saturday, either. I’ll let you look around for a bit to see if you spot it, because I’ve run out of ideas. I’m sorry.”

(I head on to the five other people that have come in while they’ve had me searching for that item. They slowly wander around the store. After a while I hear:)

Woman: “Here it is!”

(It was the very first top I showed her. I guess her husband didn’t care for it, because they walked out of the store not thirty seconds later. Great for our conversion numbers…)

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