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Some Customers Keep You Late But This Takes The Cake(s)!

, , , | Right | CREDIT: ColdFury96 | September 5, 2020

I’m a fifteen-year-old female. I work in bakery, sort of as a waitress but I also clean and make coffees, etc. I’m the youngest employee and often have to deal with the entitled Karen’s because they think I “have to respect my elders.”

It is during the school holidays. I have worked eight-hour shifts for five days straight and I am on my last shift for the week. We have already closed and I am just tidying up the front while my boss is counting money in the back. I have just finished wiping down the front pastry cabinet when I hear footsteps behind me. As we have already closed, I ignore them, thinking it is my boss’s kid.

I move back behind the counter to check the till and I get this eerie feeling that someone is watching me and suddenly I hear that sound that every Karen makes.

Customer: “…ahem.”

I slowly turn around and standing before me is a typical Karen; from the haircut to the entitled smirk, she sure as h*** fits the bill.

Me: “Oh! Sorry, ma’am, we’re actually closed.”

Customer: “What?! So you can’t serve me anything?”

Me: “Well, I guess I could get you a few cakes—”

Customer: “Hmph! That’s what I thought, missy.”

I HATE being called names as a form of condescension, especially when I haven’t done anything to deserve it, but I know that if I tell her to leave my boss won’t be very happy with me; I’m the youngest so I can’t tell any of the customers to leave no matter what they say.

I suck it up and start to place the cakes she orders into a box. While I’m doing this, I can see that she’s tapping her foot and checking her watch.

Customer: *Sighs loudly* “What’s taking so long?!”

Keep in mind this is on my time and she’s ordered eight different cakes. I slowly reply through gritted teeth.

Me: “Because you ordered so many cakes, I have to walk from cabinet to cabinet to find them.”

She sighs loudly again. I finally finish getting the cakes and ring her up on the till.

Me: “You realize we closed over half an hour ago; if you could come just a little bit earlier I would be able to serve you more things.”

Customer: *Scoffs and laughs* “It’s not my fault you didn’t lock the door, and you’re young so you have to serve me anyway.”

She smirks at me. I cannot believe the audacity of this woman. I feel like telling her to get the f*** out, but again, she’s already paying, so I know I can’t.

Customer: *Wiggling her fingers* “Toodles.”

I told my boss about the encounter and all she said was that at least she’d bought a lot. I hate people like this woman so much!

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