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Some Customers Are Beyond Belief

| Right | February 18, 2013

(A harried young woman enters our hotel and approaches the front desk. She’s holding a voucher that I know we don’t accept.)

Me: “Hi. I’m sorry, but we don’t accept that voucher.”

Young Woman: *in dismay* “Really? This one?”

Me: “Yes. Plenty of others before you have tried to use that, and my manager says no. The other hotel on [other street] uses it.”

Young Woman: “What?!”

Me: “We don’t accept that voucher.”

Young Woman: “I must make sure. Can you give me their phone number? Can I use your phone?”

Me: “Um… okay. But like I said, this has happened many times before and they’re the only ones who take those.”

Young Woman: *calls anyway* “…That’s what the hotel I was just at said about you!”

(She calls and they confirm they take it. I give her the address and call her a cab.)

Young Woman: “Thank you so much for your help!”

Me: “No problem.”

Young Woman: “I didn’t mean to disbelieve you earlier, but I just had a bad day and had to make sure!”

Me: “That’s okay!”

(She smiles and wishes me a good night I do the same. Too bad more people can’t make an effort to be pleasant even after a long day like her!)

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