Some Coworkers Are Really Catty

, , , , , | Working | October 5, 2020

I’m seen as the spreadsheets expert in the office, which isn’t saying much, as most in the office are useless with them. A colleague has asked me about something she wants to do, but before I can advise her, she runs off for a meeting. I decide to leave a note on her desk. A week later, she asks me to come over.

Colleague: “So, I found an answer to that problem. It’s called ‘Concatenate’.”

Me: “I know.”

Colleague: “And since you didn’t even try to help me, I’ve put in a complaint about your attitude. That’ll teach you to do your job.”

I point at the note that is literally in front of her, on her monitor.

Colleague: “…”

Me: “You were saying?”

She retracted the complaint, but not before making a fuss to my manager that I should have told her directly, and that I should be reprimanded for my attitude. My manager later told me that whenever I haven’t been able to help someone, she usually gets a complaint about it. However, since it has absolutely nothing to do with my actual responsibilities, she doesn’t see a reason to do anything.

She now forwards those complaints onto me, and I have to say I get quite a laugh out of them. My favourite so far is, “He never told me how to right-click. Hours wasted, millions lost.” It was about how to change the font to superscript, so he could give a face he was making mini cat ears.

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