Some Coworkers Are Best Clean And Not Heard

| Working | July 8, 2013

(I work for a housecleaning company, and the boss has just hired the son of a friend to work on my cleaning team. Unfortunately, although he has a good attitude, he’s having trouble getting his work up to our standards.)

Me: “Hey [coworker], remember to vacuum under the bed at this house. They complained last time!”


Me: “Dude, I just checked your work, and there are a ton of dust bunnies under the bed.”

Coworker: “Oh man, really? I tried to vacuum under there. I thought I got it. How can you even tell I missed some?”

Me: “Um. I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the bed?”

Coworker: *completely sincere* “Wow, that’s really smart! I wouldn’t have thought of that!”

(He did not improve, and I ended up getting fired for “being rude” to him. Now I run a five-star cleaning company of my own and my former boss’s online reviews are in the toilet!)

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