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Some Conversations Are Worth Saving

| Related | January 8, 2013

(My grandma is taking computing classes. I’m helping her with her homework which is to write a document on word and ‘play’ with the features—font size, color, paragraph format, etc.)

Grandma: “Okay, so how do I save it?”

Me: “You just click on this little button, or click ‘Ctrl + S’.”

Grandma: “Wait, which button? How do I click it? ‘Ctrl + S’? How do I do that?”

(I show her how to do it and this goes for a while. She’s confused as to where her homework went, and why when she opens Word it’s all blank without her document. I’m getting slightly exasperated, when the computer shows up a message suggesting she should activate some software.)

Grandma: “It did that again!”

Me: “Yeah, it’s okay, just click ‘Cancel’.”

Grandma: “How do they know what I’m doing? That’s why I don’t like computers!”

Me: *confused* “What?”

Grandma: “It happened the other day too! I was working and they asked me if I wanted to activate the software and asked me for my address and what not! How do they know I’m using that thing? Who know who’s watching what I’m doing! Why do they need my address for? What if they come here?!”

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