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Some Cats Have Magnetic Personalities

, , , , | Friendly | March 24, 2022

My mum used to house sit for our neighbour when she was sent on one of many random training courses. This neighbour has an elderly cat that is mostly independent, but obviously still requires his food and water topping up. Our neighbour had also has a cat door fitted with a magnetic trigger attached to the cat’s collar. When the neighbour is on her trips my mum goes over once a day and checks on things.

One year, our neighbour decides to also get a kitten, which, after a suitable period of training and whatnot, is also given a magnetic collar. The next day, our neighbour was sent on another training course and she asks my mum to check twice a day, just for the kitten’s sake.

Monday morning’s check, everything is fine.

Monday afternoon’s check, mum hears a pathetic mewling sound coming from the kitchen. The elder cat is sitting washing his paws on the garden wall, so it must be the kitten. Mum goes to investigate.

The magnetic collar is clearly stronger than the kitten, who has found itself stuck sideways to the fridge door!

Mum ended up creating a kitten-proof barrier in front of the fridge for the rest of the week. Our neighbour looked into a chip-based collar instead!

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