Some Bosses Should Go UK Themselves

| Working | April 29, 2013

(I’ve spent the entire summer working two jobs to pay for a vacation to Europe. I’ve requested time off for my vacation months in advance, and reminded them a condition of my hiring is this vacation. However, six days into my two-week vacation, a manager calls my mom.)

Manager: “I’m looking for [me]. She was meant to be at work an hour ago! If she doesn’t come in or find someone to cover her shift, she’s going to be written up and possibly fired!”

My Mom: “That’s impossible. She should have never been scheduled to work. She requested two weeks off for her Europe vacation. She won’t be coming in. You made a mistake.”

Manager: “A request off is just that—a request! She needs to check her schedule every week and make arrangements. I expect her to call or be here within fifteen minutes.”

My Mom: “My daughter is in EUROPE. She will be there for two weeks. She has no possible way to check her schedule. It is four in the morning there and she will not be calling you or coming into work, because she’s an eight hour plane ride and four hour drive away. You messed up.”

Manager: “Your daughter has no sense of personal responsibility. Work is more important than a vacation!”

My Mom: “Personal responsibility? You mean like paying attention to people’s days off and knowing what’s going on with your workers? Or are you talking about how she worked two jobs to pay for a vacation all by herself?”

Manager: “She will be written up for this!”

(My mom called me laughing and told me the whole story. I was neither written up or fired, and my GM and Assistant Store Manager apologized to me when I came back. They even begged me to work next summer!)

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