Some Bosses Just Don’t Know When To Quit

| Virginia, USA | Working | April 11, 2013

(About two weeks ago, my boss fired half of her four person work crew for no reason. Another employee and I quit because of her manipulative behavior. It’s right before a busy time of year, and she has to hire an entirely new work force and train them. After I’ve quit, I’m surprised to get a text from her one day.)

Boss: “Hi there. Finished interviews. Amazing new folks and so talented. I feel so blessed to have a new, professional, talented, educated, capable and competent team.”

(I don’t know why she’s telling me this, but okay, great, she has a new team. The next day, when she’s having them come in to work for the very first time, I get this text.)

Boss: “Hey. Am I out of [inventory item]? Also do you know where the [specific] stamp is for the smaller tags?”

(I text back.)

Me: “[Boss’s name], I don’t work for you anymore. I’m sure you and your professional, talented, educated, capable and competent new crew can find them.”

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