Solitary In His Opinion

| Foley, AL, USA | Working | September 20, 2013

(I work at a bakery, and my manager is working on a Superman groom’s cake.)

Manager: “Perfect! Now I just need to color the sugar for the ice house.”

Me: “Ice house?”

Manager: “Yes, this Superman cake has an ice house!”

Me: “Come on! It’s called the Fortress of Solitude!”

Manager: “Oh, whatever! To me, it’s an ice house! I bet [Other Employee] calls it an ice house, too.”

Me: “No way. [Other Employee] is a total comic book fan.”

Other Employee: “So what’s left on the cake?”

Manager: “We need to spray paint the sugar pieces.”

Other Employee: “Oh, for the ice house?”

Manager: “Hah! I told you he’d call it an ice house!”

Me: “But it’s the Fortress of Solitude!”

Other Employee: “Sorry. I’m more of a Marvel fan.”

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