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Has The (Solar) Energy To Laugh

, , , | Working | November 25, 2017

(My cell phone rings from a number I don’t know, and I answer.)

Me: “Hello. This is [My Name].”

Telemarketer: “Hi there! I’m calling from [Company] to tell you the good news! You qualify for special offers to install solar panels to help reduce the energy bills for your home!”

Me: “Before I let you get too far in… I actually rent an apartment, so I don’t own a roof.”

Telemarketer: *laughs* “Well, in that case… I’m calling to tell you the bad news. Unfortunately, you do not qualify for any of our special offers at this time. Hope you have a nice day!”

Me: “You, too!”

(Having dealt with plenty of stubborn telemarketers in the past, his sense of humor in handling the call certainly brightened my day!)

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