Software, Hard Sell

| Working | September 11, 2015

(I mistakenly mention that I have some experience in a piece of software that my company uses, even though I make it clear I only have basic knowledge I am now suddenly the company’s ‘expert.’)

Boss: “Why haven’t you sorted out the software issue on [machine].)

Me: “…Err, like I mentioned, I’m not 100%—

Boss: *interrupting* “It’s easy; you just call them up. I don’t understand why you are having such a hard time about this…”

(He continues getting more condescending, despite knowing nothing about the software himself.)

Boss: “I mean, if I had to do it, it would only take an hour. Come on. They do all the work for you.”

(I have had about enough.)

Me: “For your information, there are several packages. Any number of these could work but won’t because of future limitations. Even if you did manage to choose the right fit the whole system has to be harmonised, or it won’t work. And no, the company acts as a third party so it doesn’t know about the system they are selling.”

(A moment of silence.)

Boss: “Well, I still think—”

Me: “—No , just no. If you would like to do this yourself I would be more than happy to learn from you. But this is the way it is.”

(He never did show me how to do my job and when I did finally manage to get all the information sorted the system worked perfectly.)

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