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Soda… So Dumb

, , , | Working | January 23, 2019

(At my district, several teachers work in one building in the morning and another in the afternoon. We used to have an hour to eat lunch and drive across town, but our new principal reduced the time to forty minutes. We complained that this left us insufficient time to eat, and we’d either have to skip lunch or eat while driving. She insisted that with proper time management we could do it. She said she wasn’t asking us to do anything she didn’t do herself. One day, as I’m leaving to drive to the other school, I see the principal get out of her car.)

Me: “Another meeting at the central office?”

Principal: “No, I was just feeling stressed so I decided to drive to [Fast Food Restaurant] and treat myself to a large soda.”

(We have a soda machine in the building.)

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