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Soda Slow

| Related | July 14, 2016

(My mum and I are in the living room, just chilling after an early dinner. It is almost six pm and I am lying on the couch perpendicular to the sofa my mum is sitting on.)

Mum: “You know, I could really use a glass of Coke.” *looks expectantly over at me*

Me: *glancing up at her* “Okay, I’ll get one for you, when I get up to shower.”

Mum: “Okay!”

(I actually do plan on going to shower, but get distracted by Not Always Right entries and end up spending two hours reading the top stories. My mum, in the meanwhile, has already taken her shower, changed into her pyjamas, and come back out to sit on the couch. Finally, around eight, I get up to shower, my phone almost dead. Remembering my promise, I go and pour her a glass of Coke, come out, and hand it to her.)

Me: “Here.”

Mum: *stares at it and blinks* “What?”

Me: “Your Coke. I said I’d get it for you when I went to shower; I’m going to shower.”

Mum: *taking it* “Well, I don’t want it NOW. I wanted it two hours ago, when I asked for it!”

Me: *walking to the bathroom* “Too bad!”

(My mum drinks it, muttering about how she doesn’t want it. Fast forward to the next day, around six pm. I am, once again, on the couch and she comes out of the kitchen. My grandma is also outside, watching TV.)

Mum: *to my grandma* “Know what I learnt yesterday?”

Grandma: “What?”

Mum: *sitting next to her* “If you want a glass of Coke in this household, you get it yourself.”

(I look up to see that she has just that, a tall glass of Coke. She glares at me in a mocking manner.)

Me: *to Grandma* “I don’t know why she’s so pissed; I did exactly as I said I would!”

(My grandma just ignored us and continued watching TV.)

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