Socks To Be You, Part 2

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I pull up to the convenience store to get a drink. It is late and there is one other car in the parking lot as I pull up. As I get out of my car, a woman gets out of the passenger seat of her car and starts to head towards the store. Halfway there, she stops turns around and speaks loudly to the driver.

Woman: “You already have a twelve-pack.”

Of soda, I assume. The driver responds.

Driver: “But they aren’t cold.”

This causes the woman to loudly curse as she starts heading back in.

Woman: “I hate my life. I could just f****** kill myself.”

Thinking that is the end of it, I head inside. After grabbing my drink, I end up behind this woman who is purchasing a single twenty-ounce soda. She starts complaining to the cashier.

Woman: “Do you have a friend who is so lazy she makes you go into the store with no shoes or a bra on just to get a f****** soda for her?”

I looked at her feet and, what do you know, she was only wearing socks. She then started complaining about how cold she was and how her nipples were hard as a rock due to this fact. Mind you, she was still speaking about twice the normal volume for any reasonable conversation. 

When it was time for her to pay, she was so worked up and angry that she managed to enter her PIN incorrectly, which made what should have been a fifteen-second transaction take much longer. While she was struggling hard to work the machine correctly, another worker had me go to their register to check out. During this time, the woman managed to get her PIN to work and she stormed out of the store with her friend’s soda. 

All the cashiers and I could do was laugh about how thankful we were that our lives were not so miserable that we had to go into a store without shoes or a bra.

Socks To Be You

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