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Socks To Be Her Kid

, , , | Right | July 25, 2021

We are just finishing a session at an indoor soft play area — the type where you pay for an hour and the kids get to run around. This one is inside of a large shopping centre.

As we are leaving, we see a woman and her kids arguing with the staff right by the entrance. As we wait to be signed out we overhear this.

Mother: “What do you mean, we can’t come in?”

Worker: “I’m sorry, but your session is over; we can’t let you in as the next session is full.”

Mother: “But you told us that we needed socks, so I said that I was going to get some. You didn’t tell me that you wouldn’t let me in!”

Like most soft play areas, you can’t run around in bare feet and slip. Big signs are all over the entrance, and it is pretty normal practice.

Worker: “We did say that you would have to be back in time.”

Mother: “But I told you I was going to get socks.”

Worker: “And I’m sorry, but that was thirty-five minutes ago.”

Mother: *Angrily* “Come on, kids. Looks like she won’t let us in.”

There are three shops that sell socks, all a two-minute walk from the area. I noticed she was holding four very full bags of shopping. Rather than grab a pair of socks and then rush back, she must have done her entire weekly shop and then come back to shout at staff for her own mistake.

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