Sock It To Them

| Friendly | October 24, 2016

(My two roommates are engaged to be married later in the week, and are leaving for the venue the day before I am. Roommate #1 has ordered a package containing some amusing products that will not be arriving till the day after they both leave, which is the day I leave. We are all sitting in the game lounge when this occurs.)

Roommate #2: “[My Name]! [Roommate #2]’s socks and underwear won’t be here till Thursday. Your mission is to bring them with you. Mission accepted?”

Me: “Mission accepted!”

Roommate #2: “Yay! Socks and underwear!”

Me: “Socks and underwear!”


(Roommate #1 has been sitting in silence up to this point. Roommate #2 addresses him:)

Roommate #2: “Did you enjoy our battle cry, baby?”

Roommate #1: “I’m just trying to enjoy my lemon bar…”

(I’ve just moved in with them. I think I’m going to like it here.)

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