Sociopathy 101

, , , , | Learning | January 6, 2019

(I go to a very small, Catholic high school. It is so small that we would typically have class with the same people almost all day. In my sophomore year theology class, I am seated next to a girl who comes across as an airhead. She asks the dumbest questions and irritates the teachers, constantly raising her hand and not even waiting for the teacher to acknowledge her before yelling out another doozy of a question. One day, she’s agitating the — honestly, kind of a b**** — theology teacher so much that the teacher looks like she’s going to scream.)

Teacher: *blinking furiously* “[Girl], I need to get on with teaching! I can’t keep explaining this to you!” *turns around and starts writing angrily on the board*

Me: *rolling my eyes in frustration*

Classmate: *turns to me and whispers* “Do you think I can get her to cry?”

(I was so shocked I almost burst out laughing. Apparently, this girl was being annoying for entertainment purposes. As an adult, I wouldn’t find it funny anymore, even if the teacher was a fanatic and a jerk, but I definitely looked at her differently from then on, and it turned out, she was actually quite intelligent, and I definitely understand how hard it was to take a class seriously when the teacher’s opinion mattered more than anything else.)

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