Society Is Transitioning

, | Working | April 2, 2017

(My friend’s name is Niamh. It’s pronounced NEE-uv. She uses Neil while ordering simply for ease. She looks tomboy but still identifies as female.)

Friend: “Neil.”

Male Employee: “N-E-I-L?”

Friend: “Yes.”

Male Employee: “Okay, sir!” *smile*

Friend: “Uh, thanks.”

(She and I are still here an hour later studying when he approaches us.)

Male Employee: “I’m off shift and noticed you are still around.”

Friend: “Yeah.”

Male Employee: “I thought I’d give you these.”

(He hands her a piece a paper.)

Friend: “Oh… uh.” *surprised*

Male Employee: “I support you, Neil. You’re a handsome man. Be safe.” *waves and leaves*

Me: “Woah. That was…?”

Friend: *hands me the paper*

(The paper has many handwritten links. They are all about LGBTQ and the election. Even though he misread the situation thinking she identified as trans-guy, that was amazing support for the community. We’re giving those links to our LGBTQ friends!)

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