Socially Acceptable

| Troy, NY, USA | Right | January 21, 2011

(The shop I work in has a TV that plays the news 24/7. It has picked up a story about a judge ruling that the Obama health care bill was unconstitutional.)

Customer: “Well good! It is unconstitutional! You can’t force anyone to get health care if they don’t want it. This country is becoming too socialist! We don’t need any socialist programs!”

Me: *avoiding the topic* “Your total comes to [total].”

Customer: “Alright, here you go.”

(The customer hands me her food stamps card.)

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  • Geki Gangar

    So you admit that food stamps are a socialist program?

    • Zack Wagoner

      Yep. And?

  • Fantaman

    You can buy a freaking TV with food stamps?

    • Paul

      The TV was a background piece that prompted the woman to make a comment on the Affordable Care Act.