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Social Media Can Be Harmful, But Not Like This

, , , , | Working | October 7, 2021

I’m stood in line at a coffee shop to order some drinks right behind a few teenage girls. They all order seasonal drinks, take photos, and basically act like typical teenage girls.

I order next.

Me: “I’d like a black medium coffee and [lists four seasonal drinks].”

The server eyes me oddly. I’m guessing I pronounced them wrong.

Me: “My daughter has her friends round; they like these drinks.”

This seems to satisfy him and he goes off to make the drinks. The girls get served and they sit down. As I collect my order, I hear them complain.

Girl #1: “They put the sticker right on the logo.”

Girl #2: “Mine, too.”

Girl #1: “They did it on purpose. They’re looking over at us now.”

Girl #2: “I can’t take a photo of this.”

Me: “Err, sorry, but I’ve ordered pretty much what you have. Do you want to take a photo of mine?”

Girl #2: “Yes, please!”

They took their photos and posed. I found it all a bit odd, they were just being young, and social media is important to them. They weren’t hurting anyone. I don’t go there often enough to have seen the girls there again, but I hope they’ve found better baristas that aren’t as petty.

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