Sobering Judgement

| Fresno, CA, USA | Friendly | April 4, 2014

(I am sitting our local coffee shop giant using the internet when I overhear three people talking about their previous night, laughing aloud.)

Person #1: “Yeah, man, I got SOOOO wasted last night at [Restaurant]!”

Person #2: *to Person #3* “Yeah, man. You got so drunk you were swerving all over the road while driving!”

Person #3: “I did? Haha, I must have been awesome!”

(At this point I look up at them with my eyebrow raised, and they take notice.)

Person #2: “Oh, look, she is judging you!” *they start laughing like it is some big joke*

Person #3: “Whoops!”

(All three are expecting me to join in and joke, when I speak up.)

Me: “Actually, my mother was hit by a drunk driver and is missing teeth, has scars, and couldn’t walk for the better of two years. So, yeah, I am judging you.”

(The atmosphere grows silent, and they eventually move away from me, whining about my judgmental attitude. For the record, despite no teeth and horrid lawyers, she is doing so much better!)

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