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So, You Came Out? Bully For You!

, , , | Friendly | June 12, 2019

(There is a girl at our high school that is a completely stereotypical bully. From verbally attacking people, to destroying their stuff, to locking them in closets and lockers, she is absolutely horrible, but she keeps getting away with it until we change principals. The old principal is a friend of her parents, and constantly downplays or dismisses complaints, but the new one comes down on her like a sack of bricks, even when her parents come in to claim that everyone is lying and their daughter wouldn’t do stuff like that. She ends up dropping out, and most of us put her out of mind and move on. Years later, a Facebook group is organized for setting up high school reunions, and she ends up popping up again.)

Bully: “High school was soooo hard! People kept harassing me about my sexuality. I’m taking therapy now to deal with the trauma from all the bullying.”

Classmate: “So, what you’re saying is that you were in the closet, so you felt like everyone else should be locked in there, too?”

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