So, Was The Boyfriend Flirting With The Bird, Then?

, , , , | Romantic | February 29, 2020

I inherit an African Grey from my grandfather when he dies. Like all parrots, he is very smart and had picked up lots of words and phrases over time, but my grandpa always made sure they were polite words only and would tell anyone off for swearing around him or making rude sounds. Fast forward a couple of years. I take a weekend trip and ask my boyfriend to take care of him while I am away. When I get back, my boyfriend picks me up and brings me back home.

“[Parrot]! Where’s my boy? Hello, sweet bird!”

The parrot makes a long, drawn-out wolf whistle.

“Hello, sweet bird!”

He has never wolf-whistled before. I slowly turn to my boyfriend.

“Why did my parrot just hit on me?”

*Looking very sheepish* “Because he has more game than I ever will?”

It’s been a week. My bird now loves to wolf whistle.

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