So This Is Why People Have Kids

, | | Right | January 18, 2008

(It’s Christmas Eve and there is a long line of customers who are now waiting to pay. A little girl cuts to the front while I am giving a guy a drink refill.)

Little girl’s mom (LGM), to the refill guy: “UGH! Did you just cut her?”

(LGM smacks the guy in head; surprisingly, he just walks off with his soda.)

Me: “What can I get you?”

LGM: “Don’t ask me, ask her! She’s your customer; you should be asking her. God, it’s people like you who ruin the holidays!”

Me, to the little girl: “Okay, what would you like?”

(The little girl just stares blankly at me while customers are becoming pissed.)

LGM, coming clean: “Just give me a Diet Pepsi. It’s for me.”

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  • Stephanie Trump

    Shouldn’t have served her after she smacked the other guy

  • EE

    Those are the people that piss me off to no end. I was taking my lunch break at Great Northern Pizza in the uppity town I used to work in. I have half an hour and rich housewife with a 3 year old has all day. She gets in front of me in line and asks for all these specific requests for her 3 year old’s slice …. things like “olives on the side because he likes to put them on himself” . Took her a solid 20 minutes to get her damn order and all i wanted was a slice of pepperoni to go… It’s fine ma’am the world will stop for your 3 year old who probably wont even eat the pizza anyway.