So THAT’S How It Is In That Family, Part 2

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I’m working a twenty-items-or-less line at a large retail store. It’s very busy, and out of the corner of my eye, I notice a young couple with a huge jug of wine. As they approach me, the male walks away. We must card every member of a group at my store.

Me: “Hi, how are you? I’ll need to see your ID as well as your friend’s.”

Customer: “You don’t need his ID! He’s my older brother and is only here to carry the bottle.”

Me: “My hands are tied; store policy states I must have both your IDs or I cannot sell this to you.”

The customer then throws a fit and demands a manager.

Customer: *To the manager* “Your f****** cashier here won’t sell me my wine because my younger brother doesn’t have his ID. He’s just carrying the bottle for me!”

Me: “You told me he was your older brother.” *To my manager* “I would have thought they were dating by the way they were hugging on each other in line.”

Manager: “My cashier already denied the sale. I’m behind her in that.”

She walks off so no one can argue. The customer stands there, dumbfounded and fuming.

Customer: “You racist! I oughta smack the s*** out of you!”

She stared me down until she stormed off.

So THAT’S How It Is In That Family

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