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So Sorry That I Have To Protect Your Identity!

, , , , , | Right | February 13, 2020

(I’m cashiering at customer service. The customer pays with a credit card, so I ask to see her card to confirm a match to the signature and numbers on the receipt.)

Me: “Ma’am, your card is not signed. May I see your ID?”

Customer: “Oh. No, I’ll sign it right now.” *with her hand out to take the card*

Me: “That’s a good idea, but first, I need to see your ID to check the name on the card.”

Customer: “Give me my card! I told you I’ll sign it right now!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I need to see your ID first to be sure the names match.”

Customer: *getting angry* “You’ll see the name matches once I sign the card! Now give it to me!” *attempting to snatch the card out of my hand*

Me: *firm but polite* “Ma’am, once I see your ID and confirm the name, I’ll give you the card back to sign. In fact, it’s a good idea to write ‘Check ID’ on the card so everyone will—”

(The customer threw her wallet across the counter at me, grumbling about me and my persistence. I matched the names and thanked her as I handed back both the wallet and credit card. Her grumbles now included a mocking “thank you” in a rude, childish voice. I offered a cheery “Have a nice day!” as she left. This inspired another bout of grumbling, again loudly mimicking me as she forced through the other customers on her way out.)

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