So Scared Of Change And Updates They Have “Closed” Their Minds To It  

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(I work as a web developer but I also take care of IT in the office. I come back to work after being sick for two days.)

Coworker: *annoyed* “Good, you are back. I wasn’t able to open PDF documents for two days.”

Me: “Why?”

Coworker: “The program doesn’t work anymore. This is a disaster; I wasn’t able to work for days. You need to fix this now!”

Me: “Show me what’s going on.”

(I check her computer. When I open a document the program says, “Your reader has been updated,” and there is a close button.)

Me: “Why didn’t you just click on the close button?”

Coworker: “How am I supposed to know I can do that? I was afraid I was going to destroy it. This is your fault; you are responsible for this! Fix it now. I need to do my work!”

(I click on the close button and the program works as it is supposed to.)

Me: “Here, I fixed it.”

Coworker: “This is all your fault. I will tell the boss that I wasn’t able to work because of you. You should make sure that things like this do not happen.”

Me: *head meets desk*

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