So Much Lol in Español, Part 2

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(I am a Mexican male, born in Mexico but living in New York. I am working in a fast food chain for the summer, before I enter university. My English is not broken, and my natural accent has almost faded, so I sound like I was born in New York, but I still look Mexican. I am ringing up a customer when two young customers in their mid-20s enter the store. They really look and sound Mexican. Suddenly, they glance at me and speak in Spanish. I still speak flawless Spanish.)

Customer #1: *in Spanish* “Look at that idiot, dude.”

(The other customer looks at me.)

Customer #2: *in Spanish* “Yeah dude, he’s one of those [slurs] who think they’re American just because their daddies crossed the border.”

(I came to America legally, and I wasn’t even planning on staying.)

Customer #1: *in Spanish* “Tell you what; we order everything in Mexican to piss him off. Let’s see how good he thinks his Mexican is.”

(They walk up to me and the only thing they say is:)

Customer 1#: *in English* “Good morning.”

Me: *in Spanish* “Hi there! What would you like to order today?”

(The customers go silent and stare at me for five seconds. Suddenly, [Customer #2] goes red.)

Customer #2: *in Spanish* “YOU’RE NOT MEXICAN! YOU’RE NOT AMERICAN! YOU’RE JUST A F****** [SLUR]!”

Me: *trying not to laugh* “Okay, are you going to order anything?”

Customer #2: “F*** YOU!”

Customer #1: “I’m sorry… We’ll never do that again.”

(They both leave. This would’ve been a good ending to the story, with two bigots owned and me happy, but it gets even better. Two days later my manager takes me into her office.)

Manager: “So… [My Name], I customer told me yesterday that a bigot told them that they were… [slurs]… Do you have anything to say about that?”

(I then tell her what actually happened and who called who what. She starts to laugh and tells me to not worry, then. Later on, [Customer #1] comes in and walks up to me.)

Customer #1: “Yeah… Sorry about my friend… Did he really complain about you?”

Me: “He did, but don’t worry; it’s all fine.”

Customer #1: “Well, if it makes you feel better… I punched him in the face when he told me.”

So Much Lol in Español

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